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Terms of Use

Please read fully before entering. Phoenix Agency is an online portfolio hosting website featuring CHILD, TEEN, and ADULT models available for various legitimate modeling assignments.

We feature and display talented models in order to gain exposure and experience in the field of fashion photography, commercial, acting, fitness, and video work.

By entering this site you agree and understand that the images and models represented here or not displayed for entertainment purposes, but rather used solely as evaluation content for potential clients.

All models, photographers, and agents represented by Phoenix Agency submit their work in the hope of gaining exposure and legitimate job offers from established companies.

Phoenix Photo Bank does not engage in any adult related content. Within this website you will not find any images depicting minors engaged in inappropriate attire, conduct, mature environments, mature situations, or inappropriate posing/facial expressions. Phoenix Agency works hard to maintain a professional image and protect the representation of our models, photographers, and agents.

As a Client, you will have access to evaluation portfolios of available models. These portfolios are for review only. At no time can these portfolios be used in relation to adult content, websites, forums, topics, or any other form of adult usage.

Phoenix Photo Bank protects the Copyright of all content within our website. The model's image sets are for evaluation use only. If at any time a Client proposes a job offer to a model that is adult related or age inappropriate they will be immediately cancelled and suspended from our website.

As a model, photographer, or agent you will have the ability to upload evaluation portfolio images and contact information. Phoenix Agency reserves the right to accept or deny your application based upon our strict approval policy. This is further detailed in the sign up form for models, agents, and photographers.

By continuing you agree to access Phoenix Agency for professional and evaluation purposes only. By entering you further agree and acknowledge that Phoenix Agency contains no adult content, nudity, suggestive posing, suggestive environments, or sexual coyness. Our models, agents, clients, and photographers work hard to provide excellent quality image work. Please respect our site, Thank you.

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